Радуга, спутниковый интернет 


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Радуга, спутниковый интернет 

The most popular money transfer service for organizations and customers in Africa and around the world.

Wari has the best network coverage in Africa, available 24/7. Wari is also present in more than 60 countries.

Our extensive range of partners includes banking and financial institutions, public administration, Post Offices, lottery companies, oil companies, businesses and the retail industry.

A strong network of merchants and oil companies partners. More than 100 banks and financial institutions partners
More than 17 National Post offices.


one of the fastest growing transactional platforms in the world!

was found in Senegal in 2008 and.


Wari controls 80% of the market ana continues to grow

went frome 1 bank for 152 banks

more than 1 million transactions per day



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